Content delivery system is cBackup module intended to simplify system's usage in terms of hardware support. It allows to install support of new devices in one click, updating both devices and authentication templates for them. Of course you can still manage entities manually, using the documentation herein.


It's impossible to use Content Delivery on isolated (no access to the internet) systems. You need internet access to fetch data from external repository.

When you open System -> Content delivery it will try to update content listings from external repository. It may take some time. Next you want to look through available categories: Devices and Workers. The first category contains hardware specifications for supported network equipment models, the second one contains command sequences. Find corresponding device and sequence and save them to your cBackup.


If you have the similarly-named device or authentication template, you'll see the warning. Remove your device or template and fetch content again.

By pressing you can look through the code to be fetched to your cBackup. All code is plain PHP, using Yii2 framework notation and specifications. See developers guide for more information.

Managing installed entities

Once entry is downloaded it can be removed via corresponding cBackup functions as device management and authentication template management. For reinstalling entry - see warning above.

Isolated system

If your cBackup appliance doesn't have access to the internet and can't fetch data from cbackup content repository, you can manually download the repository as zip file and extract it to /cbackup/modules/cds/content/ folder. Of course content update feature won't be available and it will be necessary to reupload data manually every time you need an update.