STP mapping plugin displays spanning tree, related to the particular node.

When plugin is installed, new tab STP mapping is being added next to configuration backup tab, as well as new menu item appears.

STP data can be collected from nodes within scheduled task stp. The task itself is built-in and doesn't depend on plugin. The plugin is responsible only for displaying STP tree, not for collecting data from nodes. Thus task stp will remain in the system even if you uninstall the plugin, ensure to handle it in a proper way, removing from schedule if it's unnecessary.

Geo map

In menu entry Plugins -> Stp mapping you can obtain STP tree graphical representation, searching for a node by its id, mac address or ip address. Currently these are only criterias for lookup, so if you need spanning tree by node name, location or any other criteria - use Nodes interface

To collect necessary data with certain periodicity, make sure, that stp scheduled task is set up properly. Related logs are located in Logs -> Scheduler and can be filtered out by task name stp. Please note, that STP realization differs from vendor to vendor, if your device data is not collected properly, contact us to find the solution.