Scheduled mail reports can be configured in Processes -> Mailer menu.

To define a mail template, follow these simple 4 steps:

  1. Create named event
  2. Define recipients under button. Simply list e-mail addresses.
  3. Edit mail message template under button.
  4. Please note, that in the wysiwyg editor under button there's a list of numerous variables that you can use in the template. Including but not limited: hdd utilization, node data, node or system logs of certain level.
  5. By pressing icon, you'll see the mail preview where all template variables will be replaced with actual data.
  6. Send mail by pressing

To schedule this mail:

  1. Go to Processes -> Schedules to Mailer schedules tab.
  2. Choose created event from dropdown list and define time

To look through sent mails:

  1. Go to Processes -> Mailer -> Messages
  2. Here is the list of sent mails with corresponding statuses. You can read it or resend if necessary. Logs under icon are also available for each mail.