General info

Logs generally provide brief and readable description what happened in the particular area of responsibility. The only exception are logs generated by Java, it can be tough to read. All data grids with logs have search functionality, ability to expand each row (if there's what to expand) and providing information such as related user name, severity, timestamp, etc.

There's no option to truncate logs from interface

We can't confine you from purging related database tables, however logs can provide valuable information for diagnostics, so it's better to leave them. There's a setting Logs lifetime in System configuration that defines how long logs stay in database. Default value is 7 days.

Logging realms

There are four logging realms in cBackup web core:

  1. System
    Into this realm logs from system environment are captured. E.g. plugin installation errors, update exceptions, etc.

  2. Nodes
    Here you will see logs related to node processing. Newly created nodes, updated and obsoleted will be displayed with detailed information about the process.

  3. Scheduler
    Logs in this realm are related to task processing and jobs' execution. Don't confuse it with 'node' logs, even if log entry has node name in it.

  4. Mailer
    As the name implies, logs in this realms are related to sent reports. If you don't receive mail, check this page for information what happens.

Daemon logs

Check corresponding section of daemon manual