Important is a configuration file for cbackup.jar that contains application and Spring configuration variables. It is separated on several segments and its data must be valid to run daemon correctly.

Keys explained

Key Type Default Description Integer 8437 Port where daemon sshd shell is opened Boolean true true or false to enable or disable sshd shell String cbadmin Username for sshd daemon shell String - Password for sshd daemon shell. Generated randomly upon installation String Hostname or IP-address where daemon opens its shell String SIMPLE Authentication type. SIMPLE is auth by password and AUTH_PROVIDER is authentication by key. For more information check sshd official documentation String cbackup Welcome title for sshd shell
spring.main.banner-mode String off off or on to display default Spring Framework banner while connecting to sshd shell
cbackup.scheme String http http or https String localhost/index.php Entry-script of cBackup web core. Very important to make sure it contains valid url. Otherwise daemon won't be able to communicate with core.
cbackup.token String - Access token for javacore user. Is generated by installer.